The text is a pre-compiled source code for the cpanm (cpanminus) program with instructions on how to install it from the URL provided. The installation command should be run as a root with sudo if installing to places like /usr/local/bin. If the user does not have curl, they can replace `curl -L` with `wget -O -`. The rest of the text is generated by App::FatPacker and includes code for three packages: App::cpanminus, App::cpanminus::Dependency, and App::cpanminus::script. The App::cpanminus package contains the version number and is a simple package. The App::cpanminus::Dependency package has strict use and allows for the creation and manipulation of dependencies. The App::cpanminus::script package includes various modules and libraries used in the cpanminus program and has the version number for cpanminus defined as $App::cpanminus::VERSION. The text ends with an explanation that the repository contains two distributions.

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Copy the tea one-liner above into your terminal to install tea will interpret the documentation and take care of any dependencies.