Helm is a tool for managing Charts, which are pre-configured Kubernetes resources. It can be used to find and use popular software as Helm Charts, share applications as Helm Charts, create reproducible builds of Kubernetes applications, manage Kubernetes manifest files, and manage releases of Helm packages. Charts are Helm packages with a description (Chart.yaml) and one or more templates containing Kubernetes manifest files. Charts can be stored on disk or fetched from remote repositories. Binary downloads of the Helm client can be found on the Helm Releases page, or package managers like Homebrew, Chocolatey, Scoop, GoFish, and Snapcraft can be used for installation. The Helm roadmap uses GitHub milestones to track progress, and the Helm community and developers can be reached through various channels including Kubernetes Slack and a Helm Mailing List. Participation in the Helm community is governed by a Code of Conduct.

don't have tea/gui yet? download here

Copy the tea one-liner above into your terminal to install tea will interpret the documentation and take care of any dependencies.