LFTP is a file transfer program that supports multiple network protocols such as ftp, http, sftp, fish, and torrent. It has job control and uses the readline library for input, as well as bookmarks and a built-in mirror command. LFTP can transfer several files in parallel and was designed with reliability in mind. It is distributed under the GNU GPL license and has been recently updated with bug fixes. The author is currently busy with other obligations and has limited time to support the program, and the PayPal and Flattr payment services are no longer available to Russian citizens. LFTP has a feature list, man page, FAQs, tips and tricks in WIKI format, and a tutorial. It also supports BitTorrent with DHT and IPv6. To build from GIT sources, certain required libraries are needed such as readline-devel, zlib-devel, and gnutls-devel or openssl-devel.

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