Musl libc is a C standard library built on top of the Linux system call API. It is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and conforms to safety standards. Users can learn more about Musl libc by referring to its community wiki or visiting its website. However, all releases through 1.2.1 are affected by CVE-2020-28928 and require patching or upgrading to a later version. Musl 1.2 is the latest version available and changes time_t for 32-bit archs to a 64-bit type. Ataraxia GNU/Linux is an independent Linux-based OS that focuses on simplicity, security, and privacy. It uses up-to-date technologies from the GNU/Linux world, including Musl libc as the standard C library. Ataraxia GNU/Linux also follows the KISS principle, adhering to simplicity and security. It replaces mainstream components with simpler alternatives and configures software to be more secure. Finally, Ataraxia GNU/Linux does not collect user data and does not allow proprietary software in its repositories.

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