The V Programming Language is a simple, fast, safe, and compiled language for developing maintainable software. There are examples, documentation, tutorials, stdlib docs, vpm, a forum, blog, and playground available for learning and using the language. The current version is v0.3 beta and can be downloaded for Linux, macOS, and Windows, or built from source. The language is fast and has features like easy memory management, cross-platform UI library, built-in graphics library, a REPL, built-in ORM, built-in web framework, C and JavaScript backends, and more. Despite being at an early development stage, the language is relatively stable with a backwards compatibility guarantee. The language is not going to be continuously changing, but rather a small and simple language with minor changes to the core APIs until stabilization in V 1.0. Installing V from source is simple with a functional git installation and running 'make'. Updating V is as simple as running 'v up'.

don't have tea/gui yet? download here

Copy the tea one-liner above into your terminal to install tea will interpret the documentation and take care of any dependencies.