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The text is the X Window System Protocol, which is a standard created by the X Consortium, Inc. The current version is X Version 11, Release 7.7, version 1.0. The protocol formats include request, reply, error, and event formats. There are common types and errors, as well as predefined atoms. Connection setup includes initiation, server response, screen information, and visual information. There are various requests, such as creating a window, changing window attributes, and getting window attributes. Other requests include grabbing a keyboard, querying a pointer, creating a cursor, and recoloring a cursor. The Open Group holds the copyright for this software, and permission is granted for its use without restriction, but the name cannot be used for advertising without written authorization. X Window System is a trademark of The Open Group.

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XCB is a C language binding library for the X protocol, a network protocol for controlling GUI systems. It provides Xlib compatibility and generates code and APIs through XML protocol descriptions from the xcb-proto package. Python libraries within xcb-proto are used to parse the descriptions and create objects for Python code generators. XCB has been available since 2001 and the latest stable release is 1.14 from February 2020.

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Copy the tea one-liner above into your terminal to install  protocol. tea will interpret the documentation and take care of any dependencies.