The text is about a command-line video downloader and extractor called yt-dlp. This program is a fork of youtube-dl, with new features and patches and it's kept up to date. The installation of the software is detailed with instructions on dependencies and compiling. The usage and options are listed in categories such as video selection, authentication options, and post-processing options. The configuration of the software is discussed such as authentication with .netrc file and notes about environment variables. Information is provided on output templates, format selection, and plugins. The new features of the program include a SponsorBlock integration, format sorting options, and merging with animelover1984/youtube-dl. This also includes YouTube improvements such as supports clips, stories, and a fix for n-sig based throttling. Cookies from a web browser can be used and videos can be partially downloaded based on timestamps or chapters.

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Copy the tea one-liner above into your terminal to install tea will interpret the documentation and take care of any dependencies.