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The 'Open Store' for Open Source

Introduing the tea/gui (beta)— a visual package manager that lets you browse, install, and update open-source software in a snap. Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to streamlined development. Try it today!

Download the tea/gui (beta) for Mac


One-Click Installs

Say goodbye to the days of scavenging through cluttered docs. tea/gui (beta) enables you to query our expansive pantry and install your desired version of any package with one click. Openai-python, jupyter, youtube-dl, and hundreds more… all available to you within seconds.

Easy Updates

Our aim is to enhance your workflow, not disrupt it. tea/gui (beta) will alert you via desktop notifcations when new updates are available for your installed packages. Your can bulk update everything, or update one-by-one in the event you'd like to exercise some more discretion.

Version Management

tea/gui (beta) makes managing your package versions a simply delightful experience. You can prune packages to remove all but the latest version, choose your desired version when installing, and install or add specific versions for previously installed packages.

Get started with visual package management today!

Download the tea/gui (beta) for Mac