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Oh @#$%... the documentation is the script!?"

–Our latest developer discovering Executable Markdown

The new foundation of the internet.


A big reason Homebrew was a massive success was “viral contribution”. This is a new form of viral contribution. tea is a packaging primitive. We are making it super easy and viral for people to create new tools on top of tea and to satisfy that “I'm a part of this” urge that open source vitality plays up.

executable markdown

Markdown has become the ultimate documentation file format (white paper is written in it). Every project has comprehensive readmes. Every dev team documents their internal workspaces with markdown. We’re iterating the format by making it able to execute itself.

universal interpreter

Making a PM or tool that uses other packages sucks RN. This has led to self contained ecosystems where people make a packaging tool (eg. npm) and then everybody can only use tools within that ecosystem because everything else is too much friction. tea changes this.

virtual environment

devshops and open source projects need specific versions of tools and they need the whole team to be on those tools. Currently you either cross your fingers or use Docker. Docker sucks and slows down dev and hinders innovation. Docker is great for deployment but it sucks for dev. tea ensures that checking out a project uses the exact versions of things that project needs whatever platform they are developing on.


Introducing FQDs where you can provide the data as open graph, or a link to a YAML file. Fetching the FQD with accepts/package/YAML gives your the package YAML.

Executable Blog Posts

Every blog post and tutorial on dev starts with brew install foo in tea’s future they will instead do sh <(curl []() (we will also release web-buttons that activate tea if installed or install it first otherwise).

And it's even better if you join the tea party...

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