Invisible yet powerful

Introducing tea - the revolutionary, cross-platform package manager. Say goodbye to slow & clunky, and say hello to fast & smooth. From the creator of Brew.

tea... from the creator of brew

With tea, simply type commands and it takes care of the rest. Get the latest versions of open source tools and support specific tool versions for different projects. Experience better package management with tea.


Install tea by running our one-liner:

sh <(curl

tea is a stand‐alone binary, see our docs for more installation methods.

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And through that packaging infrastructure, we have plans of leveraging blockchain to help remunerate devs for their contributions to OSS. You can learn more about our grand ambitions for web3 by checking out our white paper here.










We're currently on tea and our tea'm and community are working hard to make tea the most powerful package manager that the world has ever seen. From our revolutionary `magic` to powerful scripts that draw upon the entire open-source ecosystem, we’re fundamentally reimagining what a package manager can be. If you have suggestions or thoughts on how tea could be improved even further, we'd love for you to join the discussion!

tea magic

Easily access the entire open source ecosystem with tea. Simply prefix your commands with "tea" and if the tool isn't installed, tea will install it for you. Add magic to your shell scripts and use developer environments to enhance your workflow. magic is optional; if you don’t enable it, then just prefix your commands with `tea`.


Developer Environments

Simplify your development environment setup with tea by automatically fetching the specific versions of tools your project needs. With a range of specifications, tea provides a seamless solution to manage project dependencies. Debug changes, supplement your environment, and see the full environment with ease.


tea scripts

Scripting is so powerful, but has been left in the dark ages because there’s no easy way to install the packages you need. tea can transform your scripts by leveraging the entire open source ecosystem.


Getting started with tea!

tea is a standalone binary for all platforms. You can curl it by itself or, if you want magic, use our installer. We provide a docker image and GitHub action for easier CI/CD.

$ sh <(curl

This will confirm before setting up ~/.tea and adding to your ~/.shellrc. Our one-liner even abstracts installing tea itself:

$ sh <(curl bun run start

This way, you don't need to start with "how to install tea" in your tutorials and blog posts. The installer also updates tea. If you hate installers, use brew:

$ brew install teaxyz/pkgs/tea-cli

Don't just take our word for it; everybody's liking the new brew

Ready to start building?
All you need is tea.

tea’s +pkg syntax embodies our core belief that good tools should just get out of the way so that you can keep making the internet a better place. Access the entire open source ecosystem with one command, compose and combine everything, and enjoy an all-around more delightful dev experience.


OSS wouldn't work without talented contributors like you.

We at tea would like to give a big shout out to all the open-source developers out there. Your contributions and dedication to making the world a better place through technology is truly admirable. Thanks to your hard work and generosity, projects like tea can continue to improve and evolve. If you are interested in joining our team of code crusaders, we welcome you with open arms. Head on over to the tea repository on Github and start contributing today! Let's continue to make a positive impact on the world of technology together.

A mission to fix open-source development

tea is one of the first legitimate use cases for blockchain technology. Just as the US dollar was once backed by gold, we're building an economy that's backed by code.

We want to fix one of tech’s biggest problems: hardworking developers not getting compensated for their contributions to the building blocks of the internet. By leveraging blockchain technology we can keep track of who creates & maintains what, remunerate them for their efforts with tea tokens, and keep FAANG corporations from building empires atop unpaid labor. Feel like diving deeper? You can learn more by reading our white paper.

Over the horizon

But videos are better than words… listen to our CEO, Max (creator of Homebrew), talk about tea's grand mission @ Web Summit 2022.

If this talk gets you as excited about what tea's doing as it did us, then you should definitely head over to our GitHub repo and install tea (if you haven't already). If you have… well, good on ya… have a cookie.