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Good things take time. Behold the development roadmap* for the tea Protocol.
*This roadmap represents the current plans and is subject to change without notice due to various factors. It does not constitute a binding commitment, and tea disclaims liability for any reliance placed on its contents. For the most accurate and updated information, refer to official announcements or contact our representatives directly.
February 2024
Incentivized tea Testnet Launch (v.1)
tea Incentivized Testnet is now live.
Countdown to Testnet
The tea Incentivized Testnet launches on February 21, 2024. Participate in tea’s Testnet to improve the protocol and web app ahead of tea‘s Mainnet launch.
  • Enable anyone to experiment with the extensive functionality planned for Mainnet
  • Simulate token events using testnet TEA tokens
  • Provide users with many opportunities to earn points for technical and non-technical participation
  • Collect and integrate user feedback to improve the tea Protocol
June 2024
Mainnet Launch (v.1)
Version 1 of tea’s Mainnet is expected to launch in June/July, 2024. Mainnet launch coincides with tea’s Token Generation Event.

Token Generation Event (TGE)

The tea Protocol is issuing all TEA tokens the day Mainnet launches.
July 2024
Communi'tea expansion
The tea community is empowered to learn and grow. tea expands by registering OSS projects to the tea Protocol, integrating with additional package managers, and attracting new tea supporters.
Airdrops for developers
The tea Protocol will reward the most active participants with airdrops. Airdrops will be allocated to projects who registered early, developers who register multiple projects with a qualifying teaRank, individuals who interact frequently with the protocol, whether to stake or claim rewards, and developers who post multiple valid vulnerability reports across multiple projects
Mainnet Launch (v.2)
The tea Protocol continues to evolve with the addition of new features and enhancements that further empower OSS developers and their supporters.
The tea is always brewing
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