ITN Halfway Recap

Hello, wonderful Communi’tea,

We’ve hit the halfway mark on our incentivized testnet journey, and what a ride it’s been! This is the perfect time to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect on everything we’ve experienced together. From the highs of community achievements to the learning curves presented by bugs and challenges, every step has been invaluable. Let’s share the stories of our adventures - the good, the challenging, and our future plans for the tea Protocol.

By the Numbers: A Community in Action

  • Sign-ups: A staggering 703,906 individuals have joined us, eager to explore and contribute to the tea Protocol.
  • Active Users: 90% of those new users have been actively engaging with the platform, testing features, and providing feedback. Remarkably, 93% of these engaged users have completed a minimum of three quests, demonstrating their commitment to contributing valuable insights and helping refine our ecosystem.
  • Developers: A robust 27% of users signed-up are developers who have brought their expertise and curiosity to our ecosystem, enriching it with their contributions.
  • Projects: 13,957 projects have been registered, showcasing the diversity and innovation of our members.
  • Project Spotlight: We’re thrilled to highlight registered projects such as Husky, outshining most with a teaRank of 64.87, and Dotenv boasting an impressive teaRank of 61.98. These teaRank values mean that both projects are more impactful than 99.99% of all OSS projects.

The enthusiasm you’ve all shown has truly been the highlight of this testnet. Your participation went above and beyond, from diving into features, squashing bugs, to giving us honest feedback. It’s been inspiring to see our community come together, proving that we’re not just building a protocol; we’re nurturing a vibrant ecosystem.

In true testnet spirit, we’ve encountered our fair share of bugs and hurdles. Most notably, a sneaky bug in our smart contracts made some reward claims trickier than we wanted. This issue, complex in nature, managed to slip past our initial audit, only to be uncovered by our second auditor’s meticulous work. With the keen oversight of our community and second auditor’s diligence, we identified and began rectifying this faster than we could have alone. It was a curveball, but it reminded us why we’re here - to learn, adapt, and improve. 

As our community grows, so do the demands on our system. We’ve seen firsthand the challenges of scaling and ensuring our protocol remains reliable when you need it most. With our testnet peaking at 47,817 new users in just one day during our first challenge, the spotlight on our infrastructure’s capacity and reliability has never been brighter. It’s a puzzle we’re committed to solving, not just for the here-and-now but for the future of the tea Protocol as we prepare for mainnet and beyond.

Armed with your feedback and our lessons learned, we’re rolling out key upgrades and exploring new solutions to make our platform more robust, user-friendly, and scalable. We’re on a mission to enhance our infrastructure to support our expanding community, ensuring everyone has a smooth and rewarding experience. We invite you to continue sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us, as your input is crucial in creating a battle-hardened platform for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for the next phase, brimming with new challenges designed to enhance and reward our collaborative ecosystem. Imagine the impact of donating TEA to a project you believe in, and receiving a special reward for your support. Plus the opportunity to create a vulnerability report on an open-source project that will be reviewed and may be accepted by the project’s team. These upcoming challenges are steps toward a more empowered, inclusive, and interconnected future. Thank you for being such an essential part of this journey.

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