Staking Migration Announcement

Dear Communi’tea,

In our continuous effort to enhance security, efficiency, and functionality, we are excited to announce upcoming upgrades to our staking functionality. Please note that these upgrades necessitate a critical migration for all users and projects, so keep reading for more details..

What This Means for You

  • Functionality Temporarily Unavailable: All staking-related functionality will be temporarily unavailable on April 17th, 2024 at 10:00 am EST for approximately 2 hours, due to system migration. This migration is a necessary step to ensure a seamless transition to our upgraded staking functionality.
  • Projects: All projects are required to migrate their bug bounty pools to the new version of the staking smart contracts. 
  • Users: For individual users, it's essential to migrate your staking portfolio to continue enjoying the benefits of staking within the tea Protocol. You will not receive any staking rewards until you complete the migration.
  • Migration Rewards: All users who complete the staking migration will earn 100 ITN points! 

Key Dates to Remember

  • Migration Start: The migration process is set to commence Wednesday, April 17th, 10:00 am EST and last approximately two hours. Following the completion of the protocol migration, we encourage users and projects to begin their migration process shortly after, so you can resume receiving staking rewards as quickly as possible.
  • Reminder Email: On Monday, April 22, we will conduct a review to identify users and projects that have not yet migrated. If you fall into this category, expect a reminder email prompting you to complete the migration process.

We understand that migrations can be intimidating. To simplify this process, we have implemented a user-friendly interface specifically designed for this migration. This interface will guide you step by step through the migration process. Furthermore, we'll let you know in the app if you need to migrate your project or stake. This will help us track the migration process efficiently and support our community members throughout this transition.

How to Migrate

  • Detailed instructions and resources for migration will be provided directly within the app.
  • For any queries or support during the migration, please reach out to our dedicated support team via Discord or Telegram. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Upgrading our staking smart contracts is a significant step forward for the tea Protocol and our community. All the actions you performed during the incentivized testnet lead us to implementing these enhancements, which are crucial for our growth and the continuous improvement of our services. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this migration period and look forward to a smoother, more efficient solution to the sustainability and security of the OSS supply chain.


1. I never staked, will I still have to migrate? 

Yes, all users and projects within our platform are required to migrate. This migration ensures that all user accounts are compatible with the upgraded staking infrastructure, maintaining security and enhanced functionality.

2. I have unclaimed rewards, will I lose them if I migrate? 

Nope, you won’t lose any unclaimed rewards when you migrate. In fact, as part of the migration process, we will automatically claim these rewards for you. 

3. Do I need to migrate if I became a user after the migration was implemented? 

No, if you joined as a user after the migration was implemented, you do not need to migrate. New users automatically have their accounts set up to our new staking functionality. You can start using all the available staking features immediately.

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