Why Build on Web3 Protocols and Base: Elevating Blockchain to Unprecedented Heights

With the unveiling of Base, Coinbase Global provides a transformative Layer 2 network, pioneering an evolution aimed at redefining the blockchain paradigm and ushering the next billion users into the expansive web3 realm.

Base, announced in February 2023, is a manifestation of Coinbase’s unwavering vision to facilitate seamless integration with diverse, innovative products—thereby nurturing groundbreaking advancements in open-source blockchain.

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What is Base by Coinbase?

Operating as a layer 2 on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, Base integrates into a colossal computer network that synchronizes to maintain a unified ledger fortified by a consensus mechanism. 

Integrating a distinctive EVM-compatible Layer 2 scaling solution enables Base to autonomously process transactions and inscribe a compressed summary of transaction data on the Ethereum chain. 

The overarching mission of Base is to offer unprecedented security and scalability of Ethereum at a fraction of the conventional costs, minimizing gas fees and enhancing transaction throughput significantly. The focus on the open-source ethos grants developers the freedom to innovate, allowing them to deploy dApps and smart contracts quickly and securely.

Unique attributes of Base

Diverging from conventional blockchains, Base transcends the norm by forgoing the network token feature, eliminating governance possibilities via tokens. Base accentuates its foundational philosophy as a “bridge, not an island,” guaranteeing secure and effortless access to Ethereum and other Layer 1s and Layer 2s.

The foundational architecture of Base is sculpted utilizing the cutting-edge OP Stack, an invention of the Optimism Collective. This pioneering stack emerges as a keystone for engendering new L2 blockchains while maintaining a commitment to decentralization, permissionless innovation, and inclusivity. 

Base’s integration with the OP Stack is quintessential for the evolution of the Optimism Superchain, the Superchain consists of a network of interconnected chains that collectively provide security, a unified communication framework, and a shared open-source development stack. This allows for a cohesive network of L2s interlinked through shared security, communication strata, and a unified development stack.

5 reasons to innovate on Base

Why are developers and users flocking to Base? Let’s examine five great reasons to innovate using Base:

1. Integrate with Coinbase

Serving as a testament to Coinbase’s innovative endeavors, Base not only offers unparalleled benefits like swift fiat onramps, user-friendly acquisition tools, and exclusive integrations, but also boasts a robust developer community. This strong community presence reinforces Base as the foundational platform underpinning Coinbase’s advanced products.

2. Foster open-source revolution with OptimismFND

Base aligns synergistically with OptimismFND, offering an open-source paradigm that supports unrestricted and permissionless innovation, welcoming public participation, and cultivating a robust community of developers, all contributing to the open-source OP Stack.

3. Optimize cost efficiency and robustness

Developers leveraging Base can capitalize on lower operational costs and the capability to orchestrate gasless transactions, positioning it as a preferred platform for developing multifaceted multi-chain applications.

4. Access unsurpassable security paradigms

Base amalgamates the robust security protocols inherent to Ethereum with Coinbase’s well-established operational frameworks, delivering a secure and seamless on-ramping experience.

5. Get unrivaled developer support 

Base extends comprehensive support through the Base Ecosystem Fund. Base also imparts invaluable knowledge via its educational initiative, Base Camp, assisting developers in navigating the nuances of Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Base + Coinbase = 💪

Base emerges as a revolutionary innovation in the ever-evolving blockchain world, seamlessly aligning with Coinbase Global’s mission to drive progress and inclusive growth in the web3 ecosystem. This platform combines advanced scaling solutions and innovative technologies like the OP Stack, building a future where blockchain is more accessible, secure, and efficient. 

Base represents a convergence of technological sophistication, open innovation, and robust security, marking the onset of a new era in decentralized applications and blockchain solutions. The platform is committed to enhancing open-source collaboration and improving user experience while reducing entry barriers, establishing Base as a pivotal advancement in the blockchain sector. 

Base's journey charts a forward-thinking trajectory, deeply dedicated to developers and committed to open-source development. It motivates developers and innovators to collaborate, revolutionizing the digital landscape while upholding the tenets of decentralization, security, and inclusivity within the vast blockchain cosmos.

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